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And today was a day just like any other.

[This Is A Story...]

Trite the Great
Hi, I'm Trite. Meant as a name, not an adjective. I'm a walking contradtiction:
Loud, quiet.
The Dreamer, The Realist.
Opinionated, Apathetic.
Kind, Horribly Sarcastic
Stubborn, Passive.
I want to be everything, but like to slip by unnoticed.

I like The Law, Psychology, and winning.
I'm also a fan of music, comedy, and writing.

I advocate the importance of being yourself, but also like to be different people.

I'm a High School student, sophomore. 16 on the inside, but later 20's on the inside. I have a lot of friends within my age group, but like to point of the flaws of my generation: The attitude, the 'popular music', the fashions.

Most teenagers I know like The Jonas Brothers, Belly Shirts, and Twilight.
I prefer Bon Jovi, sweaters, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

If you're looking for me, you're probably going to find me locked in my room. I don't like big social events; I'd prefer to stay inside. I couldn't tell you who Britney Spears is with right now, but I could tell you who the kings on a deck of cards are supposed to represent. [Alexander the Great, Charlemange, King David, Julius Ceaser.]

My role-models are Atticus Finch and Alexander the Great

I love to trick people.

Right now, all of my recent hobbies are centered around Pokemon. I'm too busy writing an 'epic Pokefic' to work on any other fanfiction right now. But a spot of role-playing will do me wonders.

I'll stop rambling on now.
- Don't Live The Unexamined Life [man.]